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MFC players with presence in the U-17 Euro

  • Spain is the team with the most MFC players in its squad (6).
  • Spain and Ireland will meet in the quarterfinals, both with MFC players.
  • 17 players from 7 different teams have participated in the Madrid Football Cup.

The U17 Eurocup has started and we have big names playing in this prestigious European tournament. We are very proud to see that the best national teams continue to trust in the young players who have passed through the Madrid Football Cup. In 2019, we had an incredible tournament with 32 teams from all over the world, players with great quality that to this day continue to demonstrate it in every game.

Up to 17 players from 7 different teams have been called up by their national teams in this European competition. The team with the most former Madrid Football Cup players is Atletico Madrid, tied with Chelsea FC with 4 players each. Followed by FC Bayern München with 3 players, Barcelona and Juventus with 2 and St Josephs Boys with 1 player.

This tournament is of great importance in the category as it serves as access to the U-17 World Cup in 2023.

MFC in the Euro U-17


Ted Curd

Joshua Acheampong

Somto Boniface

Michael Golding

Atlético de Madrid:

Daniel Muñoz Navas

David Arza Boyero

Javier Díaz Igual

Jorge Rajado Ruiz

Bayern Munich:

Max Schmitt

Maximilian Hennig

Javier Fernández González

FC Barcelona:

Hector Fort García

Marc Guiu Paz


Alessandro Bassino

Francesco Crapisto

St. Josephs Boys:

Freddie Turley                         


Gonçalo Ribeiro