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About us

Many years of experience, projects and travel companions have accompanied us to get here, all of them necessary to grow as a company and, above all, as people. A path in which many of you have been with us, others will do it from now on and of which, we are sure, is still a long way to go.

2020 has been a difficult year, full of obstacles and that has undoubtedly changed our lives forever. But it has also been a year of reflection; a time to remind ourselves of the really important things, the unbreakable strength of the human being, what we really are and, above all, what we intend to become.

We want to be better every day.

After almost 20 years with different names, the last five editions as “Madrid Football Cup”, the most prestigious youth tournament in the world, was canceled for the first time. The tournament, which has always been a reason to be proud, will come back stronger and will be the cornerstone on which to build a new and hopeful future. But it will not stand alone.

International tournaments, experiences for footballers, trips for coaches, online courses and the creation of the new “Madrid Football Academy” community where we will have the opportunity to interact with professionals from all over the world who share the same passion, will complete our innovative offer. All this is designed to enjoy football at the highest level, in an incomparable environment, with the quality guarantee as always and the illusion bigger than ever.

Welcome to Madrid Football Agency. Welcome to the football capital of the world.

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