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D10 FC returns to the MFC U-14

We are thrilled to announce that D10 FC, the talented team from Buenos Aires, Argentina, will participate in the MFC U-14 for the second time. This year, they return to Alcobendas to showcase their quality and continue gaining valuable experience in one of the most prestigious youth tournaments in the world.

D10 FC debuted in the MFC U-14 last year, leaving a lasting impression with their playing style and determination. Now, they return stronger and ready to face some of the best youth teams on an international level.

Expectations for 2024

D10 FC’s return to Alcobendas is a testament to their commitment to youth talent development and their desire to compete at the highest level. The Argentine team brings with them a rich football history and a passion that will surely ignite the field of play.

Confirmed Teams

With D10 FC’s participation, the list of confirmed teams for the MFC U-14 continues to grow. This year, we will have the opportunity to see teams from different parts of the world, including representatives from Spain, England, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Slovakia, among other countries.

We extend a warm welcome to D10 FC and look forward to their exciting matches in the MFC U-14 2024. Their participation not only enriches the tournament but also inspires all young footballers who dream of achieving greatness in the world of football.

Get ready to support D10 FC in their quest for glory in Alcobendas!