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Alcobendas, European City of Sport 2025: A Triumph for Sport and the Community

Alcobendas has been officially designated as the European City of Sport 2025, marking a significant milestone as the first city to receive this prestigious title twice. On Tuesday, the president of ACES Europe, Gian Francesco Lupatelli, made this announcement to the mayor of Alcobendas, Rocío García Alcántara.

A Well-Deserved Recognition

The city of Madrid had already held this title in 2015, and now, a decade later, it is once again recognized for its outstanding promotion of sport and healthy living. This achievement not only highlights the improvements and advancements in the municipality’s sports policies but also the active involvement of its citizens in sports activities.

Impact and Commitments

During a public event earlier this month, Mayor Rocío García Alcántara promised a series of initiatives to celebrate and capitalize on this recognition. These include the School Olympics with the participation of local schools and the First European Congress of Public Sports Managers. Additionally, an agreement will be signed with the 400 local sports clubs to ensure that no child is left without practicing their favorite sport for economic reasons.

Evaluation and Selection

The Madrid Football Agency congratulates Alcobendas on this achievement and reaffirms its commitment to hosting quality sports events in the city. This recognition will further enhance Alcobendas’ appeal as a venue for elite competitions, such as our boy’s U-14 and our U-14 & U-17 tournaments, and contribute to the development and promotion of youth sports in the region.

Congratulations, Alcobendas, on this well-deserved recognition! We look forward to future events and collaborations that will continue to promote sport and community cohesion in our city.