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Blue Devils Napoli Confirms Participation in MFC U-14

We are pleased to announce that the Italian academy Blue Devils Napoli will be participating in the 2024 edition of the Madrid Football Cup U-14. This team joins a select group of academies from around the world, ready to compete in one of the most prestigious youth football tournaments internationally.

Blue Devils Napoli’s participation in the MFC U-14 2024 underscores their commitment and ambition to face some of the best youth teams on the planet. The Italian academy, known for its focus on developing young talent, is determined to prove that they have what it takes to stand out in this high-level competition.

We are confident that the inclusion of Blue Devils Napoli in the tournament will add great competitive value and help raise the level of play. Their participation is a testament to the diversity and quality that characterizes the MFC U-14, where teams from different countries and football cultures compete in an environment of sportsmanship and excellence.

Join us on September 20, 21, and 22, 2024, in Alcobendas to witness this exciting event. The presence of Blue Devils Napoli, along with 31 other top-tier teams, promises a competition filled with talent, passion, and top-quality football.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to support your favorite teams in the 2024 MFC U-14!