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Stabaek IF joins MFC U-14, 2024.

  • One of the most successful academies in Norwegian football.
  • The 2011 class will follow in the footsteps of the Stabaek IF girls’ team participating in Alcobendas a couple of months ago.

The excitement of the MFC U-14 intensifies with the confirmation of Stabaek IF’s participation in the 2024 edition of the Madrid Football Cup U-14. As one of Norway’s top academies, Stabaek IF has left an indelible mark on our tournament for several years, standing out for its dedication to the development of young talents.

Stabaek IF joins Paris Saint-Germain, FK Inter Bratislava, and Chelsea FC in confirming their participation in the tournament. These are the first four teams out of the 32 participants we will have in Alcobendas on September 20, 21, and 22.

Stabaek IF’s presence in the MFC U-14 is a testament to their continued commitment to youth football and their recognition of the value of our competition in this process. Over the years, Stabaek IF has shown its ability to compete at the highest level and has been a formidable contender in our tournament.

With a well-established reputation as one of Norway’s most respected academies, Stabaek IF brings with it a level of skill and competitiveness that further enriches the prestige of the MFC U-14. We eagerly look forward to seeing Stabaek IF in action once again, and we are confident that their level will help enhance the spectacle we will witness during the tournament.

The MFC U-14 is proud to welcome Stabaek IF and looks forward to the exciting matches that await us in this year’s tournament.

Get ready to witness the talent of Stabaek IF at the MFC U-14 2024!