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Liceo Europeo announced as the new Official Sponsor of MFC Girls Edition, 2024

The excitement of the MFC Girls Edition reaches new heights with the prominent participation of Liceo Europeo School as the official sponsor of the new edition of MFC Girls Edition, now featuring two categories: U-14 & U-17. This thrilling tournament, bringing together young football talents from across Europe, promises to be an unforgettable event with the support of the renowned school.

With a tradition rooted in academic excellence and the holistic development of students, Liceo Europeo School takes pride in partnering with the Madrid Football Cup to foster a sportsman spirit and promote values of teamwork, discipline, and leadership among young footballers.

Committed to the overall development of its students, Liceo Europeo School views sports as a fundamental tool to promote health, connection, and competitive spirit. By joining as a sponsor, the school reinforces its commitment to promoting sporting talent and the well-being of youth.

The Madrid Football Cup has become an iconic event that unites the European football community in Alcobendas, Madrid. The support from Liceo Europeo School demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the local community and its desire to contribute to the growth and success of sports events that encourage physical activity and wholesome entertainment.

The Madrid Football Cup 2024 promises to be a unique experience, further enriched by the contribution of Liceo Europeo School as the official sponsor. The excitement, competition, and camaraderie will be on full display as young footballers showcase their skills in this prestigious tournament.