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Madrid is among the top 10 urban destinations in the world.


Undoubtedly, Madrid is a destination full of emotions, to live it and give you the time to enjoy through its great historical heritage, its extensive cultural agenda, sports leisure, its exquisite cuisine or its wide range of shopping and crafts.

According to the study conducted by Euromonitor International, Madrid is among the best cities to visit in the world. Thanks to the resumption of tourism, millions of people have taken advantage of their vacations to visit new destinations.

Within the study, most of the cities are in Europe, with Madrid in fourth place, below Amsterdam, Dubai, and Paris. The study was based on 6 fundamental pillars: economic and business performance, tourism performance, tourism infrastructure, tourism policy and attractiveness, health and safety, and sustainability.

The Spanish capital ranked first in terms of sustainability and third in terms of tourism policy and attractiveness. In addition to having more UNESCO heritage sites than the other participating cities.

If your dream is to know Madrid we can help you, combining the best cultural and sports destinations to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Contact us and find out how.